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Act Locally, Create Globally


We will launch collaborative initiatives that value creativity.

As mentioned in our Mission, 150 is committed to facilitating collaborative creative projects that address some of the world's most pressing needs. Even as we seek to act locally through arts-focused events and initiatives, we also want to create globally: to utilize the arts as a means to support global justice and compassion causes.

We have developed strategic partnerships out of these efforts.  One of them is with an organization called Freedom In Creation, an incredible nonprofit organization that empowers war affected children in Uganda (some of them former child soldiers) through art therapy. In fact, the art created by the kids becomes a means for raising funds so that clean water wells can be established in their home villages. This results in healing for both the children and the villages.

New Moon has hosted benefit concerts/events for Freedom In Creation, ANEW Place and other local agencies. The dramatic production A Doll's House was recently performed in the Cafe for the benefit of Spectrum Youth and Family Services.