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More Power to You

Close to the heart of our Mission is the desire to empower others through community initiatives. With a focus on our homeless and at-risk neighbors, empowerment means building relationships that open avenues of opportunity.

This is especially important when you consider that there are many assistance programs that fail to empower; they meet a need, but they don't provide a pathway out of the challenges a person is facing. 150 aims to be a place where real empowerment happens; where people are served, loved, and inspired to take steps toward a positive future.

The New Moon Cafe venue offers empowerment initiatives in the form of vocational opportunities for the at risk in addition to The Banquet, which provides a platform to honor, serve and value these precious people. New Moon is a catalyst for personal relationship, inspiration, and growth. Come visit the Cafe some time - perhaps you will see empowerment in action! 

This fall and winter we will be providing space and resource for an Art Program for the homeless.  Local artists will teach four week sessions focussing on different mediums.