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Give to the Hallowell Modern Hymn Project

Great art deserves generous funding. It’s why we’re so pleased that in addition to funding the initial demo recordings for the Hallowell modern hymn project, we are providing Hallowell a grant to fund all of the final recording, mixing and mastering expenses for their debut self-titled album. The record will be released digitally and on deluxe 180 gram vinyl by Great Comfort Records, based in New Jersey and run by Lenny and Daniel Smith. All of the creative activity for this project will happen under our own roof here on Cherry Street in downtown Burlington, Vermont, at “Studio 150,” the recording studio run by producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Christopher Hawthorn and located just underneath our cafe.

Our support for this project also includes YOU. We are pleased to provide you a tax deductible receipt for your gift to this project, which will go toward the additional expenses needed to get this album fully funded and out to the wider world. Every dollar raised here subtracts from the total “ask” needed in the forthcoming Hallowell Kickstarter campaign. If we raise enough here, we could make that campaign unnecessary! These expenses include but are not limited to paying all of the musicians contributing to the record, all the upfront expenses that go into promoting and launching a project like this (videos, press), the production of sheet music for each song (all of which will be provided as a free download), and the Kickstarter fees and rewards for those who give to the project (an often overlooked expense for those trying to get a music project funded). For a detailed breakdown of all the expenses, email Joseph Pensak directly at hallowell.music@gmail.com.


As a thank you for your contribution of:

$50 or more you will receive a digital download of the album as well as the 180 gram deluxe vinyl.

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