Our Mission

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Our Mission


150 Cherry St. is a place that facilitates community initiatives for the city, creative compassion for the world, and spiritual renewal for all.


The vision of 150 Cherry St. is to grow an empowering community. Therefore:

  • We will provide space where community initiatives can take place. Beautiful space is an inspiring thing.
  • We will launch compassionate initiatives that value creativity. Compassion with heart and imagination is a powerful thing.
  • We will focus on building relationships as we serve and empower people. Relationships are a transforming thing.
  • We will nurture friendships both within our programs and outside of them. People are the main thing.
  • We will sustain our efforts through a functional business venture (New Moon Cafe) and through support from community partners. Collaboration is a necessary thing.
  • We will make spiritual renewal available through the prayer room. Prayer is a foundational thing.


  • Community Engagement
  • Creative Compassion
  • Practical Empowerment
  • Intentional Friendship
  • True Sustainability
  • Spiritual Renewal