The Banquet

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The Banquet

By Invitation Only


We will focus on building relationships as we serve and empower people.

It seems obvious to us that the most sensible way to serve our homeless and at-risk neighbors is to serve...great food! Thanks to the New Moon Cafe venue, we are able to host an extravagant Banquet each month.

The Banquet is by invitation only; and perhaps the most beautiful thing about it is the community of volunteers and guests that has been created by this event. Our volunteers, people of all ages, from all walks of life, are the ones who distribute the invitations to folks they know in homeless or at-risk situations. Those folks may be involved in a partner shelter like ANEW PLACE, COTS or simply friends with a volunteer; in either case, relationships are formed and nurtured.

Thr highlight of the evening is that everyone - volunteers and guests - eat dinner together. 

We believe The Banquet is highly empowering for two reasons. First, it is a meal served with excellence in a beautiful atmosphere; this alone communicates the fact that our guests are highly valued, favored and loved. Second, it is a meal that gives way to conversation and friendship with lots of folks in the community, which may open doors of opportunity for those who are struggling with homelessness or other challenges.